Tanka Doll  (DIY kit to learn basics of hand sewing)

Hi I am Tanka doll ! Tanka (meaning stitch), is the smallest unit in sewing, the first step where we begin from.

Let me tell you more about who I am and why am I here.


I am

- here to hold your hand through the basics of hand sewing

- a DIY activity for adults who wish to learn or refresh basics of sewing

- a wonderful gift for your little ones. A fun way to spend time learning and creating something handmade that can sit, do splits and play any game they choose !

-not just a toy, but also a keepsake from your journey into handmade. Make me a part of a cosy corner of your home, decorate me on a Christmas tree, fire place, bookshelf  or in your kids room

-not factory made, not perfect, 100% Handmade, 100% local, 100% eco-friendly


Sewing with Tanka Doll

To get started all you need is thread, needle, scissors and of course me. Follow the stitch patterns on the dress I am wearing, study the technique and begin sampling the same on my spare dress.

Think of the spare dress as a canvas to explore, learn and experiment. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes you can always get another spare dress from us.

Once you are done sampling, you will have a basic understanding of the technique and have created a new dress for me using the Tanka.

Hand sewing is a skill that is useful, comes handy to mend or fix. It is also a fun way to explore your creative side, a relaxing hobby and a stress buster to some.

Begin learning craft of the two hands now!


Making of Tanka Doll

I am about 8 inches tall. I come in a multipurpose cloth bag, wearing a removable 100% Cotton dress, that is hand sewn using a basic stitch. I come in six different forms/versions, grown out of the basic stitches that are fundamental techniques of hand sewing/ embroidery.

I am meticulously handcrafted by a group of women artisans from village Ghasipura, U.P.  These women upcycle Kacha Tanka fabric waste into beautiful things, and I am their latest creation.

Make me a part of your home/lives now!


Items in your DIY kit - 1 Doll wearing embroidered dress + 1 Plain white dress + 1 Cloth bag packaging

Tanka Doll - Feather Stitch

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