Sustainable Vision


"It's not waste, till we waste it."

Inspired by my grandmother’s memories of reusing, mending and self-sustenance we have adopted a Zero Waste policy.

At Kacha Tanka we believe in responsible dealing of our manufacturing waste. The Pre consumer waste is material that is discarded before it was ready for consumer use, such as trimmings from fabric cutting, defective fabrics etc. These are re-purposed into products like masks, bag charms, torans, key chains, coasters and potli bags etc.

The products are made by women from Ghasipura, a village in western Uttar Pradesh. These women artisans (full time home makers/mompreneurs) are employed by Kacha Tanka , with a vision to make them self reliant. Proceeds from the sales of these products is directed towards the artisans.

This is our small way of contributing towards reducing fashion waste and to give back to the community we hail from. We all need to do our bit to help mother earth, start now.


Crisis is an unpleasant yet often effective teacher, while we are in isolation, time seems to have stretched out. This got us thinking. 

Are we doing enough? Can a small business like ours make a difference to the world?


We believe no matter how big or small the ripple, we can make a difference. Just the way each one of us is already, by staying indoors in self isolation.


We are also contributing in our little way, by making masks made out of pre consumer waste. These masks are not only made by our women artisans, but also distributed by them free of cost.

You can contribute towards the efforts of these artisans by purchasing masks stitched by them. Buy now.